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Article: Shoe Care Tips When you are at Home

Shoe Care Tips When you are at Home
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Shoe Care Tips When you are at Home

Many of us like to stay home during vacation. So, why not make the most of this opportunity? We're sure you've cleaned out your cupboards, your room, your personal space, and other things. But have you cleaned your shoe rack? If not, take a look at your shoes and see how dull and worn out they are. So, we're here to show you how to clean your shoes. The majority of us own and like to wear leather shoes to work. It's time to take the finest care of them and make them glow. What is the best method for shining your shoes? Following are few.

 Clean your leather shoes with polish

To clean your leather shoes, always use good Polish. Choose the same color as your footwear and test it in an unnoticed location to ensure a suitable fit.

 Step one: – Apply neutral color shoe lotion to your shoes. This cream is suitable for use on shoes of any color. Only neutral footwear lotion should be used on multi-combination leather.

Step two: - Always clean your leather shoes with a horsehair brush

Step three: - Now what you need to do is to apply a second layer of polish on top of it. To bring out the shine, circularly polish the shoe using your shoe brush. For a spit shine, apply the polish up to five times until you get the desired effect. Finish with a slightly moist towel.

In case you don't have these things at home, you may use the methods below, which are accessible in your kitchen or bathroom, but use care to test them in an obscure location before applying them directly on your shoe.

 Clean shoes using olive oil

Bring a bottle of olive oil from the kitchen. It's not just useful for cooking, it can also be used to polish your shoes. Olive oil is the finest moisturizer and may be used in place of shoe polish. Apply a small quantity of olive oil on a clean towel. It's a good idea to smear it all over your shoes. Allow it to absorb into the leather for several minutes. Using a soft cloth, rub the surface to make it shine.


Get a banana to shine your shoes

Bananas may be found in every home. You may eat it for breakfast and polish your shoes with its pelt. A convenient and effective solution. Why bananas, you may wonder? They include potassium, which is also present in shoe polish. This, together with their natural oils, is considered to provide an excellent boot buffer. Rub the inside of the banana over your shoes. Clean it with a gentle cloth or a tissue. Buff your shoes to a sheen using a clean towel.

Uses of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is always present in your house. It not only helps crack skin and lips in the winter, but it also works well as a leather shoe polish. In this context, you only need to first clean your leather shoes from dirt and dust. After cleaning, apply petroleum jelly on your shoe by using a clean cloth. Leave it for a few minutes for absorbing it and then finally clean it again with a slightly moist cloth. I hope these tips will help you and your shoes to get a perfect shine and care while you are at home.

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