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Our hand-made quality footwears contribute to an exquisite lifestyle. Never compromising on the material, we endeavor to provide the best shoes in the market. Every pair of custom-shoes is one-of-a-kind and represents our brand identity. Our sustainable ladies’ leather slides, sandals, and slippers combine handcrafting tradition and quality with latest fashion and trends to take lead in the ladies’ shoe market.
We follow step-wise procedures to make custom shoes for ladies.

• Choosing the Right Leather

Sourcing right leather is the bench mark in our custom shoe making process. We choose standard leather that is durable, comfortable, and bears the stress beneath the feet. We use variety of textures and colors in the leather sourced from quality tanneries.

• Foot Measurement and Style Selection

The beauty of our bespoke shoes tunes with the foot anatomy. Our designers articulately design the trendy shoes as per the foot specifications in such a way that the final shoe fits to the foot like a glove.

• Making Shoe Last

To determine the shape and size of shoes, the last comes first. It is the physical base on how we make shoes. We call Last a mold carved from wood or plastic that follows the foot to give the shoe its shape. The mold gives the shape to the shoe keeping in view how the foot rolls while walking and other factors like the height of the heel. In shoe making process, we place Last inside the shoe to model around it.

• Pattern Cutting

On the basis of foot measurements, our designers or cutters make a proper pattern for the style of a shoe. The pattern includes tongue, vamp, cap and quarter. Our cutters sophisticatedly cut the leather as per the designs to create the shoe’s upper.

Our highly-skilled cutter designs footwear on paper to lay the foundation of Shohrey shoes. The perfectly chosen leather and its pliability helps us to make shoes looking good besides taking care of your foot’s comfort.

• Shoe Assembling

In this stage, our craftsman called the Closer receives last, pattern and cut leather to stitch them together to shape the shoe’s upper finishes. He will also include linings and trimmings as per the style’s demand. Broguing, binding to elastics, and lace holes are taken into consideration at this stage.

To give the right shape to the show while assembling pieces, the upper is pulled to the last.

• Trial Shoe

After master last-maker ensures the final measurements tally to the design and make incisions to check even the minor pressure on the shoe. Comfort is our brand identity.

• Final Craftsmanship

Our master craftsman adds in the toe and heel stiffeners and frames the insole to the bottom of the last. With the help of nails, he attaches the insole underneath the shoe last before fixing rubber ridge to the insole. Then he laces a shaft to fit it over the last before attaching it to the insole using nails and hot glue.

After giving a perfect shape to the upper, he stiches a finely cut piece of leather in required thickness to the insole and lining.

The beauty of our Shohrey’s footwear is that if they are worn out over time, we can change the entire sole adding more life to the footwear.