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Article: 10 Incredible Shoe and Fashion Hacks for Women

10 Incredible Shoe and Fashion Hacks for Women

10 Incredible Shoe and Fashion Hacks for Women

Fashion for guys is becoming a more popular hobby, owing to the greater availability of fashion information and the inventive design trends that are now circulating in the apparel and footwear marketplaces. At Shohrey, we understand the satisfaction of making a particularly sensible buy – something that is both contemporary and timeless, that complements your outfit or is appropriate to wear year-round.

Our site is chock-full of helpful fashion advice, and this post is no different. This month, we are cutting the corner to help you bring in more of those all-important pieces, bringing you 10 absolutely vital fashion tips for men aiming to dress well as we enter summer 2022.


Let us begin with one of the most basic pieces in the wardrobe: the sock. Flashy socks are becoming increasingly popular in the fashion world, and they are ideal for adding vitality and color to an ensemble. For your boat shoes or other summer footwear, consider the cut-off sock.

Summer Shoes

In that vein, come summer, you will want to invest in something light for your feet. Consider buying in the ever-popular Hush Puppies, or something similar, to wear both indoors and outdoors during the hottest months of the year.

Purchasing a Palette

When shopping for shirts, stick to a color scheme. Earthy and pastel colors are now in vogue — and go nicely with whites and Black people – to create a little faded yet characterful color palette.


Do you want to add a delicate touch to your footwear? Go online and look for some high-quality laces to thread into your existing shoes.

Skinny, baggy tees

The loose shirt, made of lightweight cotton, is versatile and informal, ideal for open-wear on the beach, light and sweat-free summer evening dinners, or even wearing about the home in the winter: a confirmed must-have.


The importance of hats in a gentleman’s clothing is a hot topic these days. Whether you choose a snapback or a trilby, wearing a hat in the summer is an easy decision, since it serves both functional and fashionable purposes.

Shades of grey

Invest, invest, and invest again. When it comes to sunglasses, this is the recommendation. Buy pricey but one-of-a-kind and trendy items – even vintage – and take diligent care of them to ensure they survive for many summers to come.


Experiment with constructing your own garments by cutting the bottoms of old pants and stitching the frayed ends together in a straight line. They will look great on you and will reflect your individuality by being completely one-of-a-kind.

Shoe Odor

A sweaty summer may have an unpleasant effect on the fragrance of our ladies footwear. Confront a problem head-on by soaking them in warm scented water, purchasing an odor-remover, or tossing them in the washing machine — with a protective bag, of course.


Get some neck chains, bracelets, or even a piercing to round off your own distinct and complete appearance – making your wardrobe variable around a few dazzling or gleaming constants, which are becoming increasingly relevant and capable of adding a dash of originality to every ensemble.


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