There aren't many more annoying and disappointing things than purchasing a pair of high-quality leather shoes that don't last long.  Although many individuals like wearing expensive leather shoes, yet they end up falling apart after only one season of moderate use. Is it because they are reluctant to give their shoes proper care?  Well, the answer is YES.

From the moment your leather products arrive in your hands, they are supposed to be taken care of properly. There is no point in purchasing an expensive pair of leather shoes and failing to care for them properly. Taking care of them from the beginning means you will extend their lives and avoid any issues that might lead to unwanted problems later. Let's head over to the possible measures that would help your stylish leather shoes last way longer.

Always Use Shoe Trees

Now, if you haven't seen shoe trees, don't worry. The name is a little misleading because they don't resemble trees at all. Shoe trees keep the posture of your shoes while they're placed in your drawer. More significantly, they aid in absorbing moisture from the shoes, which prevents the leather from deteriorating over time.

Place Your Shoes in Dust Bags

Dust bags are the cloth bags that you put your shoes in to keep them from dust. Dust bags can help protect your shoes from scratches and damage when not in use. Especially if your shoes are crowded among other footwear or if they're in a sunny area and you're concerned about fading. Many people like to keep these dust bags with themduring their travels. Indeed, people don't want their dirty soles to rub against their clothes.

Polish Your Shoes Regularly

In terms of how frequently you would shine your shoes, there is no fixed answer. Though, it will depend on how often you use your shoes.  If you use them daily, weekly cleaning is recommended. Otherwise, twice a month would be more than sufficient. It is also recommended to gently rub the shoes with a shoe brush and remove all the dirt.

Invest in Quality Shoes

The most obvious measure to get a better life of your shoes is to buy a good quality shoe. There is no doubt that good quality shoes would be hefty in price, but they will definitely last longer than low-quality shoes. Similarly, if you buy good quality shoes, you would be more motivated to keep them clean and safe. Apart from this, many top-quality shoes have stitched soles, so you can have them re-soled after wearing them out for a season.

Protect Your Shoes from Rain

A sudden rain shower doesn't have to damage your shoes. Before you put on your new pair of shoes, spray them with a waterproofing agent. But you first need to conduct a test trial of that waterproofing agent. For men's shoes, apply it on hidden places like the shoe's tongue, and for women's, test it on the back end of the shoe.

As you have seen, taking care of your shoes is not as challenging as you thought. A little effort may prolong the life of your shoes far beyond what you believed was possible with normal care.