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About Us

SHOHREY ® is a success story of two entrepreneurs obsessed with the inspiration to bring a change in the ever progressing fashion industry in Pakistan, especially focusing on female fashion. The daring entrepreneurs ventured into footwear industry and embraced all the challenges as an opportunity to rise to make a difference in “female shoes” with the brand name SHOHREY ®.

SHOHREY® defines its female as a woman of strong character with an embellishing sense of exuberant lifestyle, and famed for her knack for stylish footwear choice.

Why Footwear?

Famous French designer Coco Chanel was famed for revolutionizing women’s fashion. She once said, “A woman with good shoes is never ugly”. She truly spoke about females with exquisite taste in footwear fashion and their care for matching pair of shoes with exotic dresses. SHOHREY® knows that there are occasions when females look for trendy footwear that give them confidence and a sense of accomplishment in whatever they do to celebrate the finest in fashion with style.


SHOHREY® strives to boost women’s lifestyle through making one-of-a-kind footwear, combining informality with wonderful craftsmanship to give the city feel besides reflecting versatility and uniqueness. At SHOHREY®, we make shoes from highest-quality leather to provide comfort and tenderness to women’s feet which they deserve while performing various routine tasks, either day-long, or for specific occasions. We aspire to be the key players in the industry, known for their uncompromising quality in making finest female shoes with graded leather material. Our commitment to cater the ever progressing lifestyle and unwavering passion for bringing about the best allows us to stand alone and look distinctive in female footwear makers in Pakistan.

Our designers and shoe experts work from conceptualizing to designing and materials selection to production, and give with due attention to minute details in shoe-making process. Our hand-made shoes reflect the craftsmanship of our highly skilled labour. We welcome modern techniques and changes which allows us to break out and succeed in our endeavours to produce the highest-quality and best handcrafted shoes in the market. We warmly our valuable customers be a part of SHOHREY® family and always wish for them to look smart and inspiring.


You are SHOHREY®

The Inspiring Lady